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    Celik: Our Backyard Is Not Preachers’ Schools But Nation

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    06.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Education Minister Huseyin Celik, who went to Paris to attend the annual General Assembly sessions of UNESCO, explained his words that, “If Said Nursi had been listened to in the first years of the Republic, Easterners would not have been pro-Kurd and Westerners would not have been pro-Turkist,” by saying, “I only commented, I talked against separatism.”Celik said that Preachers’ Schools had no special place for his government and that, “Our backyard is not Preachers’ Schools, but the nation. Preachers’ Schools have no distinct place in our program. We just want to increase the proportion of vocational schools in education. These schools think that they are treated unfairly because of the coefficients used in calculating the grades in the university entrance test.” 
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