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    Celik on problems faced by Turkish students in the U.S.

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    08.03.2005 - 11:49 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkish Minister of National Education Huseyin Celik has informed the U.S. officials about the problems faced by Turkish teachers and students during their arrival at U.S. ports. The U.S. State Department, in return, assured Minister Celik that it will form a new committee of experts to help Turkish teachers and students coming to the U.S. for research or studies.

    According to Celik, Turkey has over 70,000 students who are studying in various countries throughout the world.  ''Approximately, 15,000 of them are studying in the United States'' said Minister Celık.

    Celik indicated that the U.S. Department of State's new regulations that have made the entrance into the U.S. more difficult for teachers and students will hurt the U.S. more than it would hurt the Turks. ''Turkish students choose the U.S. mainly because the U.S.
    has a very high technology and a great amount of experience, especially in the areas of engineering, finance and health. The American administration's decision to allocate more funds for the Fulbright program in Turkey is a clear sign that the U.S. will soon encourage more Turkish students to attend U.S. colleges and universities'' he indicated.

    Minister Celik told the Turkish Ministry of National Education is planning to open at least 15 new universities in major cities of Turkey.

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