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    Bush welcomes Barzani as "president" at White House

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    26.10.2005 - 11:15 | Son Güncelleme:

    US President George W. Bush welcomed Mesud Barzani, leader of the Iraq Kurdistan Democratic Party (IKDP), into the White House yesterday as the "president of the Kurdish regional government." At a press conference following meetings in the Oval Office, Bush referred to Barzani, who was dressed in a symbolic Kurdish outfit, as "President."

    "He rose up against a tyrant"
    Said Bush, "It is an honor to receive the president of the Kurdish regional government from Iraq in the Oval Office....Barzani is a brave man. He rose up against a tyrant. He wore this outfit that he wearing today because some time ago, had he worn these clothes, Saddam Hussein's men would had taken him away and killed him, just for what he wore. But he can wear these clothes here, because this is a free country. And now he can wear these clothes in his own country, because now Iraq is a free country."
    President Bush reported that talks with Barzani had gone well, and asserted that problems currently being experienced in Iraq were "a part of democracy."

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