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    British Press: Now Is The Time Of Collecting Awards

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    26.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The referendum in which Turkish Cypriots said "yes" and Greek Cypriots said "no" last saturday found vast echo in the world press. The British dailies wrote that the Turkish section would soon start to collect its award and that the international isolation would come to an end.The dailies published in the UK evaluated the outcomes of referendum in their headlines.The Guardian daily recorded, in the column entitled "Island of Lost Dreams," that, before the referendum, the Orthodox Church in the Greek Cypriot section had warned its community saying, "Those saying yes will go to hell", that this warning was enough to reveal clearly the state of a country which was about to enter the EU and was deemed to accept the Western values. In the column, it was stated that an Orthodox arcbishop filled the fridge with champagnes to celebrate the outcome with his friends that were EOKA fighters (Greek Cypriot terror groups advocating anexxation to Greece)  and it was said that while dinosaurs celebrated in Cyprus the lost of the best reunification opportunity of the last 30 years, the Greek Cypriots whose vision were broader, started already to calculate the cost of referendum, that there would be no longer mediators and a new agreement text prepared for them at the table.The chief columnist of The Times daily wrote that the "no" of Greek Cypriotsat the referendum was a disaster.The Daily Telegraph published its headline as "Cyprus Remained Divided" and qualified the decision of Greek Cypriots as a decision in bad faith.
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