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    Bremer: Turkish Troops May Be Given Up

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    23.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Los Angeles Times daily quoted Paul Bremer, the Civilian Administrator of U.S. in Iraq, as offering to give up the idea of sending Turkish troops to Iraq. The daily wrote that intensive efforts that the Bush administration spent to send Turkish troops to Iraq would prove to be futile. According to the daily, strong opposition of Iraqis would prevent these efforts and the advice of Bremer to give up the idea of sending Turkish troops to Iraq made some officials suspicious about the merit of this plan. The daily wrote; Rejecting this assistance, which was gained after a big effort, will be a great disappointment for U.S. Because, besides being a Moslem security force having great potential to be useful, Turkey was one of the few countries that are eager to send high number of troops. Los Angeles Times stressed that most of the opposition came from the Kurd members of the Iraqi Interim Governance Council and reminded the statements of a Turkish Foreign Ministry official, who told Reuters news agency on Monday that he did not think that Turkey would send troops to Iraq.The daily further wrote that U.S. might put the objection of Iraqi Kurds aside and seek compromise with another group, which wanted Turkish troops.
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