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    Brazil Surprise To Baykal

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    28.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Deniz Baykal, the leader of Republican People's Party (CHP), was elected as the Deputy Chairman of the Socialist International. Baykal will carry out this duty together with German Prime Minister Gerhard Schröder, Greek Prime Minister Costas Simitis, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Israeli Labor Party Leader Shimon Peres.Baykal, who went to Brazil to attend the congress of Socialist International immediately after the congress of his party, was unanimously named the deputy chairman by the representatives of 145 countries. He will serve as the deputy chairman under former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Gutteres. The results of the November 3, 2002 elections and the stance of CHP with regard to the Iraqi war reportedly gave way to this result.
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