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    Bird flu sweeps into Manyas; 9 million poultry animals at risk

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    10.10.2005 - 13:44 | Son Güncelleme:

    Following the deaths of 1,800 turkeys due to bird flu on a farm in Turkey's Manyas region, the extermination of 2,600 more turkeys shown to be carrying the bird flu has begun. With farms in the near region under strict quaranty, the 9 million or so poultry animals on the numerous area farns are also thought to be at risk. Currently 7 people in the area, including 2 farm owners and 5 research team members, are under observation and precautionary treatment. Roads going in and out of the Manyas region are also under strict car checks, with teams looking to make sure no poultry is taken out or in of the area. Trucks carrying poultry into the region are also being turned around and directed away.

    Authorities believe that the bird flu discovered on the farms in Manyas originated with sick birds flying from the Ural Mountains towards Africa, stopping en route in Manyas. Springing into action, health teams in Manyas ordered the immediate burial of the birds dead from bird flu, as well as the destruction of another 2,600 turkeys found on a nearby farm and thought to be also infected.


    The area in question is an important center of poultry meat and egg production for Turkey, and so authorities are acting fast to reassure the public that everything possible is being done to prevent the 9 million or so poultry animals in area farms from becoming sick. Authorities note that the number of birds being destroyed may rise in coming days.


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