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    Bird flu in Turkey; strict warning issued on consumption of infected chicken

    Hürriyet Haber
    11.10.2005 - 14:55 | Son Güncelleme:

    In response to rumors that some people in Manyas are cutting up and freezing chickens which have been marked for destruction, Balikesir Governor Halil Yavuz Kaya has issued an urgent warning to citizens in the affected area: "Do not under any circumstances do this. It is not a simple danger. As a government, we are looking to take precautions. Part of the responsibility in this all falls on local citizens. If local citizens do not take responsibility, things will get out of control."

    Kaya noted that the destruction of every winged animal found on the grounds of a 3 kilometer farm in Kizaksa, near Manyas, was inevitable, as tests done at the Izmir laboratories had determined that the reason for recent deaths of area chickens is in fact bird flu. "The quarantine on the area continues," said Kaya, who also noted "we are expecting support from the media on this."
    Authorities have issued these precautionary measures for anyone consuming or cooking chicken:
    ***There is no danger with regards to any chicken in packaging which has passed through pasteurization facilities.
    ***Chicken consumed should however be cooked for at least 2 minutes at 75-80 Centigrade.
    ***Soft boiled eggs may be dangerous since they have not reached the tempature necessary to kill the virus. There is no danger for eggs which have been used in baking, nor for fully boiled eggs.
    ***This virus can live in the refrigerator for 35 days. It is not killed by being put in the deep freezer.
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