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    Big Chaos Project

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    19.04.2004 - 10:50 | Son Güncelleme:


    The Great Middle East Project of U.S. is rapidly turning into a story of chaos. Or rather, is chaos part of this project? Are the developments in Iraq, really astonishing the cross-Atlantic front?

    "...All these are expected to be clarified in the NATO summit in Istanbul, however, there are indications of what will come next.  It seems that, when some countries in the region are allowed to "Democratize, the most hopeless ones are set to confront military interventions.

    "A Middle Eastern journalist who attended a big-scale conference about Islam and Democracy in Istanbul said that "The organization was fine but it was America that determined the participants. Syria was not there for instance.They also attempted to present some of those, like Mali, Jordan , Bahrein and Yemen as democratic countries. Who decided about their being democrat? Americans! The meeting had two messages; firstly, it will support the countries which it finds capable of making reforms. Secondly, it will put the countries which refuse to make reforms, into a difficult position.""
    " That Israel assasinated the leader of HAMAS just after Israeli PM Sharon returned from Washington, enlightens part of a big picture..The plan is clear: Israel will pollout from Gaza and the Palestinian state will be declared. But Israel will draw the borders of this new state. Besides, while withdrawing, Israel will scrap Hamas eternally..."

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