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    Berlusconi: Look at Turkey, take it as an example

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    23.02.2006 - 11:20 | Son Güncelleme:

    Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, in a statement on El Jazeera television regarding the recent tension over the Danish caricatures of Mohammed, mentioned Turkey as an example to the Muslim world. Part of what Berlusconi said is as follows: "Look at Turkey. I personally want Turkey to be a part of the EU. They are very quickly changing and reforming their laws. The profile of what Muslim societies might be in the future is being sketched out by Turkey."

    In reference to Italian Minister of Reform Roberto Calderoli's wearing of tee-shirt showing the Danish caricatures, Berlusconi said "This was completely his personal action. I asked for this minister's resignation. He, realizing his mistake, left his job. Italy is far removed from any kind of racism and anti-foreigner feeling."
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