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    Beko to integrate wireless with LCD TVs

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    20.01.2006 - 10:02 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkey's Beko Elektronic has joined forces with US wireless multimedia processor startup Adimos Wireless Multimedia to integrate wireless technology into LCD TVs and other displays. Beko plans to integrate into its next-generation LCD and PDP TVs, Adimos's ADM 200 multimedia processor, which provides wireless multimedia streaming in the home and a wireless connection between multimedia devices to display devices like LCD TVs. Plans to integrate the ADM 200 with transmitter boxes connected to home video players are also in the pipeline.

    The processor uses an optimized logic architecture and patented TrueVideoQoS technology to deliver video with reduced power consumption. It is also designed to work with standard MPEG-2 video encoder/decoders and 802.11a/b/g wireless chip sets and can be migrated to emerging 802.11n, H.264 and UWB standards once they are ratified.

    Other customers for Adimos wireless products include Toshiba, Thomson, Gigafast, IDX, A.S., Onkyo, Hisense, Hannspree and Konka

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