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    Bekir Coskun:Victory unclear

    Hürriyet Haber
    04.10.2005 - 14:19 | Son Güncelleme:

    Every now and then I look out the window to see if the celebrations have begun. Because any moment now, the "victory celebrations" may begin.

    What the results are from the EU talks, what it all means, none of this is important. Because whatever happens, I know it will be a "victory." I look out the window. The sign will come.

    The fireworks are ready, the drummer's stick is in the air, the speakers are in their fancy clothes, prepared to get on tv and talk about "the Prime Minister's big victory."
    While I am writing this column, it is still not clear what will happen with the accession talks. But I know that whatever happens, it'll be a victory. Because up until now, I have never witnessed Tayyip Erdogan and his friends take part in something which wasn't a victory. Look: for the past two days, Turkey is being hit hard. All sort of new requirements, traps, regulations have been set before it. But then, what were the "victory celebrations" following December 17 all about? These past few days, watching the developments on tv, it has become clear that the "victory celebrations" following December 17 were a complete exaggerated, an invented victory.
    But here we are, awaiting "victory" again. No one knows what the word coming out of Luxembourg will be, but I know it will be "victory."
    Whether it's today or tomorrow, victory is the unescapable conclusion to this all.
    I am sure the fireworks are ready, the drummers' sticks are in the air, the speakers are ready to straighten their ties and interview the PM about the victory. I think you should celebrate this victory too. And you may well ask, "Which victory is this celebration for?"
    That is the only part that is unclear.
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