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    Bekir Coskun: Two different Prime Ministers.....

    Hürriyet Haber
    15.02.2006 - 11:34 | Son Güncelleme:

    Now, on the subject of our dear farmer friend just "taking his mother and getting out of here"......The Prime Minister used to say "I didn't say that," and now he says "I am not the one who said that."

    Then there must have been someone beside the Prime Minister, and the person who actually said it made it look like the Prime Minister had said it. This sometimes happens to me too. And sometimes I realize I've said something I wasn't supposed to say. Then I get angry, stand up, and yell "Who said that?!"
    But there's never an answer. I never let up trying to find who said the thing that wasn't supposed to be said, especially if I was the one who said it.
    Actually, there is someone next to the Prime Minister; and that is the Prime Minister. These are actually two different people. One of them talks of reaching international, civilized levels in this nation, and the other says things like "the European Court of Human Rights should ask the religious community before making its decision."
    One of these two Prime Ministers defends women's rights, and the other just adores the "haremlik-selamlik" way of doing things. ('Haremlik-selamlik' is the tradition Ottoman style separation of genders in public and private.)
    One of these Prime Minister is trying to get into the EU, and the other is going after a "moderate Islamic government."
    One of them is searches out US-Israeli friendship, the other Arab alliances.
    One of them says "we respect the rule of law," while the other expresses anger with the Turkish Council of State and its decisions.
    One of them says "the period of corruption is over," while the other tries to cover up one thousand of the corruption allegations launched against members of his party.
    We cannot know which one of these Prime Ministers is which. One of the reasons for his increasing vote percentage in polls over recent weeks has been precisely because of this. This person receives the simultaneous votes of liberals and religionists.
    And it is not clear which of these two Prime Ministers told the citrus farmer "take your mother and get out of here." If the thing we all heard with our own ears is denied by the Prime Minister as having come out of his mouth, then it must have been the other Prime Minister who said it. Or the other. I know exactly how it is to be in this position. The minute I say something which shouldn't have been said, I turn around and yell "Who said that?"
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