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    Bekir Coskun: The map of the new Middle East-drawn in the blood of children

    Hürriyet Haber
    11.08.2006 - 10:10 | Son Güncelleme:

    A tender lamb tandoori was offered to the King of Saudi Arabia....
    The king just loved the orange-flavored baklava....
    Rather than serve the king a western menu, he was offered a classic Ottoman dinner....
    Including the cream pumpkin dessert, the chicken breast in water buffalo milk, the mulberry compote, the blackberry pilav, and the wrapped sea bass, there were a total of 145 different kinds of food on the table for the king, not to mention 65 different kinds of dessert.

    The king used his bread to sop up his food....
    And the food itself was served on special porcelein plates produced by Yildiz Porcelein.
    The king and his entourage could barely fit into a hotel with 150 rooms. The king, by the way, woke up near noon.


    "The borders will be re-drawn in blood."
    This is the general opinion about a map of the "New Middle East" printed in the US Armed Forces magazine.
    The map was included in the main headline of yesterday's Cumhuriyet newspaper.
    Its seriousness cannot be doubted, as it was printed in the US Armed Forces magazine, and it completely jibes with what US Secretary of State Rice was saying about it being necessary for there to be a "new Middle East."
    I took a look at the map; there are lots of new states being formed in the Middle East.
    The Mecca-Medina region is becoming the "Sacrd Islamic State." Iraq is divided into three: the Shiite Arab state, the Sunni Arab state, and Free Kurdistan.
    These, they say, are the first steps towards the new Middle East, taken as the blood flows faster in the region.

    Children are being ripped apart by bombs for this new Middle East.
    Innocent people have their houses crumble over their heads for this Middle East.
    These I guess are only the first drops of blood necessary for sketching the lines of the new map of the area.
    As I write this column, we really cannot even know how many bombs are exploding there, how many houses have been destroyed over innocent women, how many children have been killed.


    No matter what happens to the Middle East, it just has no way of standing up and resisting. Because it lives on in the hands and under the reins of those who use religion to colonize.
    And so you see, during the king's visit to Turkey, the blood flowing in the Middle East was not even as important as changing the direction his toilets faced in the bathrooms. And on the day he spoke about his ideas for building a golfing/entertainment center in Istanbul, there was very little said about the women and children being killed on that very same day.

    He sees what is happening, this Muslim, but he still does not come to his senses.
    He somehow is just not able to awaken.
    The borders of the new Middle East are being re-drawn with the blood of children, but all those kings, mullahs, sheiks, and imams continue on their paths....
    They are not even aware.


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