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    Bekir Coskun: How can the 'Hoja' be saved?

    Hürriyet Haber
    27.01.2006 - 10:16 | Son Güncelleme:

    They want to save Erbakan, who is accused of document falsification and transferring millions into his own bank accounts. But they don't know how to save him. Even if it looks easy, if they do save Erbakan Hoja, it'll be the AKP that goes on trial in people's minds.

    They looked for a formula that would allow Erbakan to both receive his punishment, and escape it. The "pretenders" who put on the secular mantle are great at this sort of business. So of course, they found the formula:

    Let him sit out his punishment at home.
    In order to make it appear less of a "personal amnesty," they proposed it in thusly: "house imprisonment can be implemented for 6 months for those 65 and over, 1 year for those 70 and over, and 4 years for those 80 and over." And, as you see, a reference to the Hoja is nowhere to be seen in this formula.
    OK, wellllll.....
    Since "house imprisonment" is considered a crime, I think then that "time spent at home during his life" could be taken off the punishment being lobbed at the Hoja.


    As it is, Erbakan's sentence has been postponed four times during the AKP regime in Ankara.
    But what will happen to the money?
    According to the documents, that money was used to buy cheese, melon, and meat.
    Of course the Hoja is not alone in these doings; there are 65 other people at the helm of his party who are also responsible. Most of them, like Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, are now in the AKP, and thus protected under the immunity mantle.


    And so, this party, which has "justice" as part of its title, is forced to save Erbakan. After all, throwing Erbakan in jail wouldn't be met with a welcome eye by the bedrock of AKP cadre. The bedrock would say "They didn't negotiate freedom for the turban, they didn't throw the adulterers into prison, they didn't open the way for religious high schools, and they threw our 'hoja' into jail."

    If you want to know the truth, I don't want the Hoja, who himself brought me to court and had me tried a few years back, thrown into jail.
    But I also don't want justice to be thrown into the trash.....

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