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    Bekir Coskun: Embarassment....

    Hürriyet Haber
    09.10.2007 - 09:43 | Son Güncelleme:

    Yesterday I called my colleagues who work at the Hurriyet's parliamentary bureau, and asked them: "Did the party MPs who refuse to call the PKK a terror organization come to the Parliament today?"

    The answer: "They came...."
    I asked more: "Did they walk around in public?"
    The answer: "They did."
    I asked again: "Well, did they eat in the parliamentary cafeteria, and did they drink tea in the back corridors with everyone?"
    Again, the answer: "Yes, they did."
    My last question: "And were they able to look people in the face?"
    The final answer: "Yes, they were."
    At which point I found myself stuck on this question:
    "I wonder, weren't they at all embarassed?"


    If you want to know the truth, Turkey has shown a completely unexpected level of maturity towards them.
    They were elected, they entered the Turkish Parliament, their oaths of service were applauded, they shook hands, the parliamentary officers greeted their comings and goings, and in fact, they were completely accepted by all without any show of differentiation.

    Even if everyone knows that they are an extension of the PKK, they were embraced by Turkey with an unexpected sort of democratic political politeness.

    But as for them, they still refuse use the word "terror" in labeling a separationist organization which killed 15 of our soldiers just this week.


    It is disquieting.
    If not for any other reason, than for the oaths taken which swear to "unity, indivisibility, peace, and faithfulness" up there on the parliamentary lectern.
    You might think they too would be uncomfortable while putting those monthly state checks in their pockets. Or at least feel slightly embarassed when setting foot into the parliamentary buildings, where the echoes from their words about "honor and honesty" are still resounding.
    Strong people would either show a true reaction, as required by their status as representatives under the roof of the Turkish Parliament, or they would abandon that building.

    One or the other.
    To be an MP for the nation means taking an oath, and even benefitting from all the opportunities provided by the state. But you cannot do this by refusing to label a group which shoots our soldiers and is aimed at dividing the nation "terrorists."
    Isn't there any embarassment here?

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