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    Bekir Coskun: Chickpea democracy....

    Hürriyet Haber
    06.07.2007 - 15:07 | Son Güncelleme:

    Yes friends, the well known election machinations began quite a while ago.
    Bags are headed into homes:
    Rice, pasta, chickpeas.....
    It's as though we're seeing grain silos, not political parties at work.

    And the "man who scratches his belly" has been waiting happily until today to contribute to this chickpea democracy.

    And as the bags begin to roll in, he scratches his belly and asks:
    "What are we missing from the ingredients for dried stuffed squash?"
    There is everything in this grain silo.
    You have read about this in the newspapers:

    "Municipalities have begun to distribute coal to the houses by hand..."


    Meanwhile, declarations of the miracles of the Turkish economy are constant:
    -Inflation is low...
    -Exports are at a peak...
    -Growth is higher than expected...
    -The stock market is exploding...
    -National income is jumping higher and higher...
    To wit, our friends in the ruling party just can't stop telling about how they've made Turkey into a star economy nation.


    If the economy is really that good, what is up with the chickpeas?
    How is it that peoples' votes are being bought with the chickpeas?
    Yes, for five years now you have listened to how great the economy is, and what a huge success it's all been.
    And five years later....
    They are passing out chickpeas in exchange for votes.
    This is because most people are still dependent on a bag of chickpeas and half a ton of coal...
    Please tell me:

    What harmony can there be between the global star, that Turkish economy, and a bag of chickpeas?

    Yes, our economy is a worldwide star, but our voters can be bought for a bag of grain.

    Is that really the case?

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