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    Bekir Coskun: Ahh yes, there it is; Schroeder at the iftar table

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    14.10.2005 - 13:08 | Son Güncelleme:

    When I saw the news, I said "aaah, there it is...".

    German Prime Minister Schroeder sitting at the table, waiting for iftar to start. I knew the Turks would affect the Europeans, though I never thought it would be this early. Mozart played over the amplifiers. Even their wives were absent, there was a blonde female translator seated between Tayyip Erdogan and Schroeder. And the hostesses in the iftar salon were waiting mini-skirts. Of course, the really important detail here is that Schroeder was sitting at the iftar table in peace, waiting for the meal to begin.
    So, there it is......
    The theory that the Turks would affect the EU turned out to be right; according to news, EU delegates, who used to just shake hands, have now started to kiss eachother in greeting.
    As you know, in most European countries, men do not kiss eachother. It used to be seen as a sign of homosexuality. The first kissing cultural transfer occured when Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul hugged and kissed the British Foreign Minister out of joy when the EU accepted the start to accession talks.
    Abdullah Gul reached for the neck of the British Minister, who took three steps backwards. Gul then hopped three steps forwards. When the British Minister found he had no time to turn around and run, Gul hugged and kissed him, and televisions caught the whole thing for the world to see. It was at that moment that I said to myself, "here we go, Turkey is entering the EU."
    And now, seeing Schroeder sitting at the iftar table waiting for the meal to start, it seemed certain to me: It's as though the EU is entering us.
    Those who repeat "but aren't these good things which are happening?" are correct. These, dear readers, are positive, great developments.
    At an iftar dinner, Mozart's music is played....
    The servers are wearing mini-skirts......
    Schroeder is sitting waiting for the meal to start.....
    On the right-hand side, the Prime Minister, in the middle a blonde haired woman, and on the other side State Minister Ali Babacan, who is either calculating amounts of foreign capital investment in his mind, or reciting a sura from the Koran to himself.
    Either way, there it is.....
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