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    BBC: Turks see Merkel thwarted

    Hürriyet Haber
    21.09.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The BBC news online edition has published an article on Turkey's feelings about the German election results titled "Turks see Merkel thwarted". The article summarizes the Turkish press coverage and feelings over the German election results that Christian Democrat (CDU) leader Angela Merkel only won by a narrow victory, because of her famous "privileged partnership" deal for Turkey rather than full EU membership. Quotes published from the Turkish press are as follows: Hadi Uluengin in Hurriyet : "If Merkel, who has shown antipathy towards Ankara, had gained an overwhelming victory, countries such as Austria, Cyprus and even France, which are already very enthusiastic about blocking us, would certainly have made use of it. That issue is now closed - and more importantly, the general and long-term risk of German opposition has been eliminated." Erdal Safak in Sabah: "There are already comments in France saying that Merkel's defeat has turned Sarkozy's plans upside down, so we can look at the EU process more hopefully. Chirac, who has been moving towards the option of a privileged partnership for Turkey because of the Sarkozy factor, may gradually return to his old line." Gila Benmayor in Hurriyet : "Merkel's inability to gain the result she expected has been to our benefit. She will not be able to raise her voice very loudly ahead of the 3 October negotiations or afterwards. Another good thing is that Sarkozy has lost an important ally." Semih Idiz in Milliyet : "The results of the general election in Germany have both comforted and pleased Ankara ahead of 3 October. They have shown that opposing Turkey's EU membership does not provide as much benefit in German politics as was thought and that the political cost of giving strong support to Turkey on this issue is not as high as some have said." Fehmi Koru in Yeni Safak : "The first real result of this situation may be that Angela Merkel, who did not achieve the success she expected, will have to play down her obsession with Turkey. Merkel is not in a position to prevent the start of the EU negotiation process on 3 October, and Schroeder will probably maintain his interest in Turkey."
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