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    Baykal: Let's handle the Unakitan matter in parliament

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    02.02.2006 - 10:12 | Son Güncelleme:

    Deniz Baykal, leader of the main opposition Republican People's (CHP) Party, responded to the speech Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave two days ago to a Justice and Development (AKP) parliamentary group by making a call for Treasury Secretary Kemal Unakitan to be "taken care of." Said Baykal, "We will initiate questioning of the minister in parliament. In this way, we can save the feelings between the AKP and CHP."

    Speaking further about the proposed Turkish Parliament (TBMM) investigation into Treasury Secretary Unakitan, Baykal said "The subjects will be Galataport, privatization efforts, and his recent statements about my personal bank account, as well as those of the CHP. Not only has he broken a secrecy principle, while doing so, he lied, and made slanderous accusations. He committed a crime. These will be the reasons for the investigation."
    "He should try taking responsibility for Ataturk's biggest legacy"
    In reference to the PM's speech in the TBMM two days ago where he took Baykal and the CHP to task for "trampling on Ataturk's legacy," Baykal said this: "The Prime Minister should leave off trying to pinpoint what is happening with Ataturk's individual legacy, and should try taking responsiblity over his biggest legacy, the Turkish Republic."

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