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    Barzani says PKK attacks aim to harm Turkey-N.Iraq relations

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    09.10.2008 - 12:06 | Son Güncelleme:

    The terrorist organization PKK's recent attacks in Turkey aimed at harming relations between Turkey and the regional administration in northern Iraq, a high level Iraqi Kurdish official said Thursday. (UPDATED)

    The regional administration in northern Iraq was watching with concern the recent terrorist attacks in Turkey, Nechirvan Barzani, prime minister of the Iraqi Kurdish administration, told in an interview with state-run Anatolian Agency. 

    The terrorist organization PKK, which has increased attacks in Turkey, recently attacked a military outpost, killing 17 soldiers and injuring 20 others.

    After the attack, Turkish officials and opposition slammed the regional administration in northern Iraq saying the Iraqi Kurdish administration is responsible for the PKK attacks in Turkey. The officials added some sanctions could be implemented on the Iraqi Kurdish administration if it did not take concrete steps.

    The Turkish parliament on Wednesday extended the mandate to launch army operations against bases of the terror organization in north Iraq. Turkish officials are also debating the creation of a buffer zone in the north of Iraq as a counter measure against terror attacks from this territory.

    The Iraqi Kurdish administration's stance towards terrorist activities is very clear, Barzani said, adding his administration tries to prevent the terrorist PKK from using territory in the north of the country to stage attacks on Turkey.

    The regional administration in northern Iraq also tries to prevent the PKK from using roads, airports and hospitals in the north of Iraq, Barzani said, adding that the activities of the PKK will have no positive effect.

    Barzani also said the activities of the PKK would make things more complicated. He said the Iraqi Kurdish administration cannot be held responsible for the terrorist acts of the PKK in Turkey.

    Barzani said nothing could be gained by cross border military operations, adding the problem could not be resolved with military operations.

    Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday, if deemed "truly necessary" a buffer zone in the north of Iraq could be created as a counter measure against terror attacks from this territory.

    "The buffer zone would not change things. Such a zone is not practical in this mountainous area. This issue has to do with the sovereignty of Iraq," he said.

    Barzani said the Iraqi Kurdish regional administration could not help Turkey at a time when Turkey was not holding dialogue with his administration, when reminded that Turkey demands concrete steps from the administration in northern Iraq against terrorist activities.

    "How can you seek help when you do not even talk? Turkey does not sit at the table with us, making the possibility of helping Turkey very slim," Barzani added.


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