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    Babacan: Extra Letter Of Intention Is In My Bag

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    28.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    State Minister Ali Babacan said that he carried the draft of the additional letter of intention, which would be submitted to IMF, in his bag and that there was no problem regarding the 6th review. Babacan, who is currently in Mexico for the G-20 meetings, said that some steps should be taken before the letter of intention was sent to IMF.Babacan said that the Executive Directors Board of IMF might gather in November and take a decision on Turkey. He stressed that the relations between Turkey and IMF were based on consensus.Regarding domestic economic developments, Babacan said that 2004 would be the year in which the atmosphere attained by Turkey would be enhanced and that decline in inflation was related to the fall in the inflationary expectations.
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