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    Atalay: "We attach great importance to implementation of reforms"

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    10.03.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkish State Minister Besir Atalay said, ''Turkey adopted many reforms during the EU membership process within last two years. We attach great importance to implementation of these reforms.''Atalay attended the Conference of Communication Ministers in Ukraine on Thursday.  Speaking at the conference, Atalay said, ''Turkish government  adopted comprehensive reforms in the last two years. We have met the Copenhagen criteria which are necessary for EU membership. We improved democracy in Turkey in appropriate with EU standards.''''Within that scope, we implemented various reforms in areas of freedom of expression, association and religion. We have prepared new Press Law in line with European Convention on Human Rights and thus, it is accepted by society on a large scale,'' added Atalay.''We are aware that democracy is a process of perfection. Thus, we take steps to implement reforms fully and actively,'' noted Atalay.Referring to the report of Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTUK) on ''Freedom of Expression and Receiving Information in Times of Crisis'', Atalay said, ''during time of war and crisis, free movement of information and freedom of expression gain importance. On such conditions, media members have difficulties in meeting the needs of people to receive accurate news. When international regulations prepared for times of crisis are examined, it is seen that there is a confusion.''''Journalists should comply with several professional ethical rules in times of crisis. Thus, media institutions can have an active role in settlement of peace milieu by preventing wars and clashes,'' added Atalay.Atalay will return to Turkey today.
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