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    Armenian Patriarch Mesrob: We are not giving away land

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    26.10.2005 - 09:41 | Son Güncelleme:

    Armenian Patriarch Mesrob II of Turkey has responded to an earlier statement by Justice and Development (AKP) MP Ramazan Toprak that recently arrested Van university Rector Professor Askin was "of Armenian origin." Attesting that AKP MP Toprak was displaying an "openly racist" attitude, Patriarch Mesrob also said this:

    "Toprak's words indicate that somehow being Armenian is a crime, or a bad thing. These type of racist words cannot be accepted in a modern, democractic country.....No matter how much MPs may try to hide behind the immunity granted to them by their status, they should fear God, and be ashamed before the people."
    Let them come
    Referring to Toprak's insinuation that somehow Rector Askin's ethnic origins might spur Armenia to try and make a land grab, Patriarch Mesrob said this: "If anyone has their eyes on Turkish land, let them come, and we'll see if anyone here would give away so much as one square meter of land."
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