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    Armenian historians not to join meeting on so-called Armenian genocide

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    01.03.2005 - 15:52 | Son Güncelleme:

    Armenian historians will not attend the meeting to be held in Austrian capital of Vienna in May in which they will exchange documents with Turkish historians regarding the so-called Armenian genocide, the Vienna Armenian-Turkish Platform (VAT) said on Monday.

    Vat, acting as a mediator between Turkish and Armenian historians who are willing to exchange documents, stated that Prof. Dr. Lavrenti Barseghian, the director of Yerevan genocide museum, and Prof. Dr. Ashot Melkonian, the director of the History Department of the Armenian Sciences Academy, notified them in writing that they would
    not attend the second meeting planned to be held in May.

    Pointing out that the main target of the Armenian diaspora in 2005 is to make several countries ''accept the 1915 incidents as genocide'', VAT-member historians stress that Turkey has proved that it is ready for dialogue and will take action for a possible solution.

    VAT historians added, ''as VAT, we expect the international community, particularly Armenia and Turkey, to deal with this matter more seriously and systematically. And, we believe that both parties will establish dialogue with each other under equal circumstances, and take VAT concept as a model.''


    The VAT, comprised of historians working at the Vienna University namely Prof. Dr. Wolfdieter Bihl, Dr. Kerstin Tomenendal, Dr. Inanc Atilgan and Dr. Artem Ohandjanian, had been a platform for exchange ofdocuments between Turkish and Armenian historians in July of 2004.

    Prof. Dr. Yusuf Halacoglu, the head of the Turkish History Authority (TTK), and Prof. Dr. Hikmet Ozdemir, the head of the Armenian Desk of TTK, joined the first meeting held in Vienna in July 2004 and delivered 100 documents regarding 1915 incidents to VAT officials.

    On the other hand, Armenian historians did not participate in July's meeting and sent 100 documents to the meeting via VAT member historian Dr. Artem Ohandjanian of Armenian origin.

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