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    Approximate Dollar Exchange Rate: 1 Million 604 Thousand TL

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    21.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Finance Minister Kemal Unakitan publicized the 2004 budget, which is expected to increase per capita income to the highest level in history, with a press conference on Monday. Per capita income, which is planned to reach up to 3 thousand 366 dollars until the year-end, will rise to 3 thousand 644 dollars by the end of 2004. Unakitan said that the budget deficit would be less than predictions for the first time. Unakitan announced that the government would attain the primary surplus goal of 6.5 %. He said that the government had already attained 91% of this target in the first 9 months of the year.The finance Minister announced that the 6th Review talks with IMF was completed without any difficulties and in time. Unakitan also said that the 2004 budget was prepared in accordance with international standards.In the 2004 budget, the inflation in both Consumer and Wholesale Price Indices is targeted to be 12% and the value of dollar is expected to reach up to 1 million 604 thousand TL. 160.9 quadrillion TL is earmarked for expenses in the 2004 budget, while income is targeted to be 114.5 quadrillion TL. Therefore, the budget deficit is expected to be 46.3 quadrillion TL. While the Gross National Product is expected to be 419.7 quadrillion TL, the growth target is 5%. Moreover, the population is expected to reach 71.8 million in 2004.
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