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Apology to Mrs. Erdogan

Mehmet Dulger, member of the ruling Justice and Development party (AKP), has written a letter of apology to the Prime Minister, excusing himself for his words, “If Erdogan goes to the villa, Lady Emine, should remove her veil”. Dulger stated, “I am sorry if I said anything which could mean more than my intentions.” Dulger, Head of the Foreign Affairs Commission in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM), gave his apologies in a letter to Erdogan yesterday, for the misinterpretation of his words regarding Emine Erdogan by the media.

He added, “If there are any terms or expressions I employed that were interpreted in a way other than what I had intended, I apologise for that too”.

Here is a summary of what the letter contained:

I am upset for the lady

It was a chat discussing the general issues concerning the country, not a formulated speech that was especially aimed at looking at one particular topic. I remain as true to the small excerpt that the newspapers printed as to what I said during the whole conversation, and am prepared to discuss these with anyone who wishes to do so. It is an honor for me to accept if and when I am in the wrong.

I have never been preoccupied by what people wear

Those who know me will confirm that I have never been bothered about what people wear, and would never try to come to any conclusion about anyone on this premise. In fact I have been opposed to it.

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