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    Another gaffe from Arinc

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    15.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Parliament Speaker Bulent Arinc, whose wife is not included into the state protocol because she wears the political-Islamist turban made another gaffe. Answering a journalist who asked him why his wife's name was not in the invitation for April 23 National Day, Arinc said "The reason of this is 'The ...ing thing, which ı f..' (A covert way of cursing something, by using the 'SEY' (Thing) in blanks). In this case, he was cursing at the secularist principle of the Turkish state)  What is left unknown in this issue?" .After voicing this curse, Arinc sat in his seat. He, and bureaucrats around him, and the press remained silent for a while.. Some bureaucrats were shocked and closed their faces with their hands. This tension made the blood pressure of the Parliament Speaker rise and he had to receive medical help later on.Islamist head-gear and outfits are not allowed in the public areas as state ceremonies in secular Turkey.One hour after making this shocking statement, Arinc said in a written statement that he had mistakenly "Voiced words that went beyond their intention." State-run TRT-1 Channel stopped its live broadcast, upon the words of Arinc. State-owned Anatolia Agency did not publish it at all, because it meant a curse.The words of Arinc were quoted by numerous dailies in their banner headlines.  According to Vatan daily, these words were already recorded in the political history of Turkey.  However the daily also said that "We used the words of Arinc at our headline to criticize his style. Otherwise, our respect to the Turkish Parliament and its Speaker, is limitless."In invitations he had printed for last year's April 23 day, Arinc had his wife Munevver's name also included as the host. However, the President, commanders and CHP had not attended the reception, protesting him. After that, on October 1 in the inauguration of the Parliament, Arinc had not included his wife's name in the invitation.
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