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    Ankara to Khartoum: Call your ambassador back please

    Hürriyet Haber
    21.10.2005 - 11:27 | Son Güncelleme:

    A political crisis of large dimensions between Turkey and Sudan has been averted by the withdrawal of Sudan's Ambassador to Ankara. Diplomatic tension between Turkey and Sudan had being increasing over the course of the last year, following Sudanese Ambassador Ahmet Kormino's assignment to Ankara. In Ankara, Ambassador Kormino met frequently with the radical religious group Hizb-ut Tahrir, ignoring warnings from the Turkish government. The final straw broke when Ambassador wrote an article for the Milli Cozum Magazine, a religiously conservative publication, criticizing Turkey's relations with the IMF.

    "IMF dragging Turkey through swamp"
    In his article for the Milli Cozum magazine, Ambassador Kormino wrote that the IMF was dragging Turkey through an economic swamp, and that the problem derived from the IMF's inherent zionist tendencies. Saying that the Turkish economy was sick, Kormino then noted that the IMF was not what the doctor had ordered.
    Following the publication of the article, Ankara government authorities warned Khartoum to withdraw their ambassador, or that he would be announced as "persona non grata" in Turkey. Ambassador Kormino, on this warning, left Turkey immediately, bypassing the usual good-bye ceremonies at Cankaya Presidential Palace.
    Sudan, in the meantime, has denied that Ambassador Kormino was called back due to anything other than bureaucratic shifflings on the part of Khartoum
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