GeriGündem Ankara’s road signs to be modernized
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Ankara’s road signs to be modernized

ANKARA - Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will place road signs compatible with world standards on main artery roads and 60 crossroads will be modernized with traffic lights that feature pedestrian buttons and countdown displays.

Ender Kaplan, head of the EGO transportation department, released a written statement through the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality News Center that said the roads of the capital would become world-class and tenders would become available in the following weeks.

Kaplan said traffic lane work had been completed and there were no roads in Ankara without lanes. The paint used on the lanes made them easy to see at night and was compatible with the standards of the European Union and the Directorate General for Highways, according to Kaplan.

Kaplan said the work on road lines and signs in Esenboğa and Eskişehir was finished and other main artery roads in Istanbul, Samsun and Konya would be worked on after the forthcoming tenders.

Kaplan also said starting from this January, all "T" and "L" road signs would be removed from roads and boulevards. "Thus the drivers’ complaints of being unable to find their way will end," said Kaplan.

Aside from the traffic signs, 60 crossroads will be modernized with new traffic lights. These signs will display countdowns for signal changes and will include buttons for pedestrians to use, Kaplan said.

Kaplan also said the lighting system to be installed in two tunnels along İnönü Boulevard would be similar to the system used at the Bolu Mountain tunnel.
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