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    Analyzing the Final Annan Plan

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    02.04.2004 - 10:39 | Son Güncelleme:


    The Annan Plan presented by Annan as “Either solution or stalemate” bring a new order to Cyprus.

    2 Official Languages, 4 Flags, 3 National Anthems

    The Cyprus Republic will have two official languages; Greek and Turkish. Usage of English for official purposes will be regulated by law. Official gazette will be published in both languages.

    Political Equality

    The Annan Plan states that the relationship between the two sides is not a minority-majority relation but a relationship based on political equality. In fact, there is numerical equality between two sides in the majority of federal organs.

    The United Cyprus Republic will consist of a Greek Cypriot State and a Turkish Cypriot State, the two equal and independent partners.

    Cyprus will have a single international identity and sovereignty.

    Turkish Cypriots in EU before Turkey

    Once the Plan is passed in the Referenda on April 24, the founder Turkish state will also join EU. In this case, a Moslem Turkish society will be admitted to EU for the first time in the union’s history.

    19-Year Restriction to Greeks

    The Greek Cypriots to come to the North are subjected to a 19-year calendar. According to this, Greek Cypriots will not be able to return finally to the North within the first 5 years. Then, there will be gradual returns. Until the end of 19 years (Or until Turkey’s EU membership), the rate of Greeks in the North will not exceed 18 % of the population in the North.

    After this threshold, the rate of Greeks could increase up to 33 maximum.

    In the Karpaz special zone, the residents of Greek villages and those who had to move to the North in 1974 and are at the age of 65, will be kept apart from restriction.

    50 Thousand Turks to be Displaced

    The most strained part of the Plan for Turks is about land arrangements. The land belonging to Turks will fall from 36.4 % to 28.6 %. 65 settlements, including the fertile Guzelyurt, will be handed to Greek Cypriots. The Turkish side calculated that this will leave at least 55 thousand Turks homeless. According to UN, this figure is 46 thousand. Only after Turks settle in their new homes within 3 years, Greeks will replace them.

    Finance by U.S. and EU

    A conference will be organized for donations from U.S. and EU countries this month. The money to be gathered in a pool will be spent for the construction of homes for Turks.

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