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    An invitation to circumcision ceremony ruins government record

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    31.03.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    An investigation has been started to look into the invitation of Prime Minister Erdogan to the circumcision ceremony of the 9 year old son of Muzaffer Saglik, an inspector for the Government Bureau of Accounting. Saglik, in reaction to the negative entry in his official government records brought about by the investigation, has gone to court to have it erased from his records. The events which brought about this peculiar investigation began in September 2004, when Erdogan, who lives next door to the Saglik family, was invited by Muzaffer Saglik's son, 9 year old Ahmet Zafer Saglik, to the latter's circumcision ceremony. A Visit to Party HeadquartersA few months later, in January 2005, father and son Saglik went together to the AKP general headquarters to repeat their request that Erdogan attend the circumcision as a guest of honor. There, as was even recorded on videotape, Erdogan and Ahmet Saglik had an interesting conversation, which started with Ahmet Saglik offering the Prime Minister some apricots from Malatya. He then showed the Prime Minister his report card from school. The Prime Minister, on seeing the child's high marks, offered him money as a reward for the report card. The child politely refused the money, to which Erdogan responded by saying "come on, don't joke around." Later, when Muzaffer Saglik asks the Prime Minister whether he can come to the circumcision sometime in late January or early February, Erdogan defers, telling him that he won't be there, and that the ceremony would be better posponed until the summer. When the videotape of this meeting between father and son Saglik and the Prime Minister received play on television stations across the country, the Bureau of Investigations opened up a case to look into it, and a negative entry was made in Muzaffer Saglik's government records. He is now fighting to have this removed.  
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