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    An interview with the man who drew up Europe's new frontier borders

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    12.10.2005 - 12:57 | Son Güncelleme:

    On the morning after the October 3 start to Turkey's EU accession talks, British newspaper The Independent ran a front page headline over a map Turkey proclaiming "Europe's new frontier." In an interview with Hurriyet, The Independent's editorial director, Simon Keiner, talks about reaction to the start of Turkey's EU accession talks, and how people responded to his newspaper's headlines on the morning of October 4:

    (H) Will Europe's frontier borders really change?
    Of course. If I didn't believe that, would I really that headline on the front page of my newspaper?...I am one of the optomists...Turkey will be the bridge the West is searching for between Europe and the Middle East. Let me repeat what I've said before, this process will be complete by 2015.
    (H) Will Turkey be able to enter the EU?
    It is absolutely certain that Turkey will fulfill the changes required of it, and do what is asked of it. First of all, no Islamic country has ever made it to the door of the EU before. It will not be very easy to turn Turkey away at this point. However, it will be a lengthy process, this accession process. I think it'll be about 10 years, and of course these 10 years will be full of arguments and struggles. The EU is looking to expand its vision. The acceptance of Turkey as an EU candidate is an important step in this sense.
    (H) Prime Minister Tony Blair holds the same view.
    I am very rarely in agreement with the PM. Incredible, I guess it means that on the subject of Turkey, we share a point of view.
    (H) Do you think England made a mistake by entering the Iraq War?
    England should not have become involved in Iraq.....Without any strategic planning, we entered, and what can I say, I don't have a solution. Tony Blair doesn't either.
    (H) Have you ever been to Turkey before? Have you seen Turkish newspapers?
    I went last year to Turkey. I stayed for one week in Istanbul. I loved the city, it was fantastic place. The people are very warm. It is full of non-stop entertainment too. Despite being there for a conference, I went around so much that I was only able to sleep for two hours before my speech in the morning. And on the subject of Turkish newspapers, they are interesting. They use lots of pictures. But I think the Turkish press is very ready for a newspaper in the style of The Independent. 

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