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    American expert: Terror will not end until Barzani joins Apo

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    28.10.2007 - 14:11 | Son Güncelleme:

    Michael Rubin, a former defence department country director for Iran and Iraq, has said, “I do not believe that terror originating from northern Iraq will end unless Barzani joins Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali or leaves northern Iraq.”


      Interviewed on CNN Turk by Mithat Bereket, Rubin said, “Barzani lives a very isolated life, surrounded by American advisors telling him only what he wants to hear.” Rubin also stated that it was the duty of the US to prevent Barzani from protecting PKK rebels in northern Iraq, adding, “Terrorism will continue as long as this safety belt exists”.

    Rubin also criticised the American ambassador Ross Wilson for not attending funerals of soldiers killed in recent PKK attacks.

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