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    Ali Atif Bir: What need do we have for the Agricultural Ministry?

    Hürriyet Haber
    10.10.2005 - 14:07 | Son Güncelleme:

    Agricultural Minister Mehdi Eker recently gave the example of people in Turkey who buy their milk from door to door milk salesmen as being indicative of where Turkey stands in terms of its readiness to deal with the EU, especially on agricultural questions. Said Eker: "It is not my personal preparation that is in question here, but the readiness of the society that we need to discuss. If people living in apartment buildings are still buying their milk from the milkman at the door, then there is a continuing problem."

    Eker is correct. The problem of "open milk" continues. Of all the milk sold in Turkey, 75% is still "open milk." These figures put us about 75 years behind the EU.
    The problem also continues when it comes to red meat, chicken, and turkey meat sold in the open in markets and bazaars. Around 75% of these products are also still not being sold and displayed in hygenic ways.
    The problem also continues with many products, including unregistered ones, being sold on the street, in markets, and at corner stores. Same thing for hotels and restaurants which buy these unregistered products and sell them to unsuspecting customers. Since the Agriculture Ministry has left the solution to these problems to the people, these problems could continue for another 150 years. Maybe even for another 250 years.
    Bur if our society is supposed to come up with its own solutions, what need do we even have for the Agricultural Ministry?


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