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    Algan: We Will Tackle DEHAP Case On Saturday

    Hürriyet Haber
    02.10.2003 - 12:51 | Son Güncelleme:

    Tufan Algan, the Chairman of the High Election Board (YSK), said that the board was awaiting the end of the appeal period, which was 3 days, to tackle the approval of the Appeals Court on the prison sentences given by the local court to the four officials of Democratic Public Party (DEHAP), on the basis of handing false documents about their organization for the general elections.

    Algan said, “If the conditions become ripe, we can tackle the issue in our meeting on Saturday.” Algan said that the members of the board did not talk about the issue evenamong themselves.

    While, everyone is awaiting the decision of YSK, Chairman Tufan Algan said that the board could not take up the issue before the arrival of the decision from the Appeals Court and before the legal term for the appeals ended.

    Regarding the relations of the U.S. Embassy with the November 3, 2002 elections, Algan said, “An official from the U.S. Embassy had met our Deputy chairman about one week before the elecions. I did not meet anyone. No mission came. Such a thing cannot happen anyway. These are all speculations.”

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