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    Akcakoca: IMF Awaits Payments To Imar Bank Deposit Holders

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    30.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Engin Akcakoca, the Chairman of the Banking Regulating Board (BDDK) said that payments, which the state would make, to the Imar Bank deposit holders were a “prior action” for the Executive Directors Board of IMF to convene for Turkey. Akcakoca said that there was no promise for the date of these payments in Turkey’s Letter of Intention. The Executive Board will also tackle the issue of extending 500 million dollars of loan to Turkey when it meets.Deputy Prime Minister Abdullatif Sener will announce the plan for the payment that will be made to the Imar bank deposit holders today at 10.00 o’clock. Sener had said that although recorded deposits under state insurance were 753.5 trillion TL in the Imar Bank, they turned out to be 8.4 quadrillion TL.
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