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    Agca fails to show up at police station

    Hürriyet Haber
    14.01.2006 - 10:44 | Son Güncelleme:

    The Turkish man who attempted to kill the pope, and who killed one of Turkey's legendary journalists, did not report to police as required, one day after his release. The Turkish authorities have now said that they can arrest Mehmet ALi Agca for dodging his military service, which is still mandatory in Turkey.

    Agca is also required to show up at military hospital, Istanbul governor Muammer Guler said yesterday, "If he doesn't show up he will considered as a military dodger and his arrest will be sought."

    Agca was released from prison on Thursday after an Istanbul court said that he had served his full sentence, for the killing of a prominent journalist and the pope's attempted assassination. Agca spent 20 years in an Italian prison and was extradited to Turkey in 2000. Many Turks are not happy with his release as they feel 5 years was not enough to serve in Turkey for the murder of Abdi Ipekci – Turkey's well-known journalist.

    Justice Minister Cemil Cicek ordered a review of Agca's case and later told a Turkish newspaper that he might be returned to his cell to serve at least 11 more months for the murder of journalist Abdi Ipekci. Agca would remain free until an appeals court reviewed the case to determine whether any errors were committed in releasing him.

    Agca had served time for attempted murder in Italy, where John Paul forgave him in a famous visit to his cell in 1983.


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