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    Afsin-Elbistan: More Bribery in the Energy Sector

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    11.02.2005 - 10:57 | Son Güncelleme:

    Second investigation into the energy sector shows more corruption is at large. A bribery bargain on the Afsin-Elbistan Thermal Power Plant was carried out on the phone to ensure that the Ezgi Insaat (construction) company be awarded the tender.


    There are two separate files under investigation: one related to BOTAS- Petroleum Transmission INC. which was related to the Greece Natural Gas Pipeline’s second tender and the irregularities and fraud in Botas of Ibrahim Selcuk, the owner of Ezgi Insaat company.

    Receiving tip-offs last spring that there were irregularities in the Electric Production Inc, the Ministry of Energy found out that pressure had been put on members of the bidding commission when the Inspection Board started looking into the issue on July 8 and decided to tap the phones. These recordings disclosed that the EUAS administration received valuable gifts and was in close contact with a number of companies that had made amendments in tenders on receipt of such gifts.

    The Afsin Elbistan Rehabilitation Project is one of the most significant tenders being investigated, the personnel in question were employed during the power of the AKP party. Ozluce Dam is among the most significant hydraulic projects also being investigated.

    Eleven bureaucrats have so far been detained in the case.

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