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    24.10.2005 - 11:39 | Son Güncelleme:

    Burhan Kus and Saadettin Akdas, two of the suspects behind the November 2003 bombings in Istanbul, are being held in Iraq's infamous Abu Ghraib prison. Questioned over a period of two weeks, Kus and Akdas provided authorities there with important details concerning the attacks on the synagogues, bank, and British consulate in Istanbul. Present at the sessions with Kus and Akdas were representatives from the US and British consulates in Istanbul, as well as a Turkish translator and the head of the Istanbul Police anti-terror unit.

    In his statement, Burhan Kus told authorities that the first target of the Istanbul bombers had in fact been the US Consulate, but that due to its extremely high security, they had passed up on this target. Said Kus, "Before that we had been planning on bombing an Israeli ship coming to anchor in Alanya. But because it came in late, we gave up on this plan, and switched our focus to Istanbul."
    The November 2003 bombing came in two waves, five days apart. The first wave was the bombings of the Neveshalom synagogue in Galata and the Beth Israel synagogue in Sisli. Five days later, the British Consulate in Beyoglu and the HSBC bank in Levent came under attack. A total of 64 people were killed in the bombings, with 718 wounded.
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