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    A Turk in Guantanamo: Murat Kurnaz

    Hürriyet Haber
    27.02.2006 - 13:26 | Son Güncelleme:

    Murat Kurnaz, 23, has spent the last 4 years of his life in a prison cage cell in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He was brought to Guantanamo after being rounded up in Pakistan, and is accused of having ties with Al Qaeda. He claims to have been the victim of all sorts of torture, from eletrical shocks, to "water-boarding," to being hand-cuffed to the ceiling, to being the target of verbal abuse by women in bikinis.

    But Kurnaz' biggest complaint is that he has not seen the sky or the clouds for 4 years. Kurnaz' American lawyer, Baher Azmy, spoke with the Hurriyet this week about Kurnaz.
    According to Azmy, his client Kurnaz is guilty of nothing, and what's more he claims, the US knows this. "I have seen his file, and there is nothing in it," says Azmy. The lawyer insists that Guantanamo is an "illegal operation," noting "this is the biggest mistake the US has ever made. One day, everyone will understand this." Azmy also said that even German Chancellor Angela Merkel had brought up the question of Kurnaz, who is a German citizen, with US President Bush, and that Bush had promised to look into the case. If set free, Kurnas wishes either to return to his family's home in Germany, or his grandfather's farm in Turkey.A Turk in Guantanamo: Murat Kurnaz
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