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    500 Billion In Baggage

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    04.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Police was alarmed when they learned that about 500 billion TL, gained through illegal ways by using the cement companies under the Rumeli Holding (of Uzans), would be transferred from Sanliurfa to Istanbul by couriers without using banks.Uzans, whose all properties are under precautionary measures, were caught red handed while they were transferring 500 billion TL, they gained from their cement factories through illegal ways. Ahmet Akon, an auditor in the Rumeli Holding, led those who transfer money on behalf of Uzans.Police captured approximately 500 billion TL, which was collected by the Uzan Family, whose about 200 firms were confiscated within the framework of the Imar Bank investigation, from their cement factories in Sanliurfa, Ergani, and Gaziantep. The couriers, who were detained, confessed that the money belonged to the Rumeli Holding Inc. and was collected from Sanliurfa, Ergani, and Gaziantep Cement factories. Such money transfers have to be performed through banks in order for the Banking Regulating Board (BDDK) to monitor them. Since this procedure was not followed, the money carried by the couriers was confiscated.
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