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    16th International Ankara Film Festival begins

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    04.03.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The 16th International Ankara Film Festival started on Thursday. Eleven films would be on the screen in the festival's National Feature category this year. Films entitled (Fall of the Angel) directed by Semih Kaplanoglu; (Where Are You Firuze?'' directed by Ezel Akay; (Making Boats from Rind) by Ahmet Ulucay; (I am Afraid Mum) by Reha Erdem; (Heads or Tails) by Ugur Yucel; (Welcome Life) by Umit Elci; (Helin's Dream) by Nuray Sahin; (Balance and Maneuver) by Teoman; (Protect Yourself) by Ayse Polat; (Dreaming Plays) by Yavuz Ozkan; and (Night 11:45) by Ercan Durmus will join this year's National Feature Competition .40 films will also run for the national short films competition.In the festival's International Short Film and Animation category, films will be presented to the audiences in five categories: ''Oberhausen 50th Year Choice'', ''Spain-Basque Shorts'', ''Short Line'', ''Short Knows No Bounds'' and ''After Going Out''.34 documentary films will also be shown during the festival. Bora Akarsel's ''Turkiye'nin Renkleri'' (Colors of Turkey), ''Yasayan Hazine'' (The Living Treasure) by Fatih Orbay and ''Karakisin Dogusu''(East of Dead of Winter) by Handan Turkeli are the main Turkish documentaries that will be on the screen.The audience will watch 15 documentary films from Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Israel and the United States during the festival.Also, there will be an International Feature Movie category in the 16th International Ankara Film Festival. 19 films from 12 countries will be shown in this category.These films are, ''Schussangst'', directed by Dito Tsintsadze; ''Devdas'', directed by Sanjay Bhansali; ''Masti'', directed by Indra Kumar; ''Frozen'', directed by Juliet McCoen; ''Equation'', directed by Ibrahim Vahidzade; ''Pieces of April'', directed by Peter Hedges; ''El Bonaerense'', directed by Pablo Trapero;  ''Code 46'', directed by Micheal Winterbottom; ''The Soul of a Man'', directed by Wim Wenders; ''The Girl from Monday'', directed by Hal Hartley; ''Black Cloud'', directed by Rick Schroder; ''Primer'', directed by Shane Carruth; ''Mais Im Bundeshuus'', (Corn Grains at the Parliament), directed by Jean-Stephane Bron;  ''The Life & Death of Peter Sellers'', directed by Stephen Hopkins; ''Pornography'', directed by Jan Jakub Kolski; ''They Came Back'', directed by Robin Campillo; ''Sky Hook'', directed by Ljubisa Samardzic; and ''Goose Feather'', directed by Ljubisa Samardzic.On the other hand, 10 films from seven countries will be on the screen in the category named ''From Francophonie's Window''. These films are mainly about the French culture.   The festival will end on March 13th.
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