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    10-Thousand-Dollar Limit In Iraq Was Abolished

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    27.10.2003 - 11:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The restriction of 10 thousand dollars imposed on the money transfers from Iraq was reportedly abolished. Umit Sonmez Inanc, the Deputy General Manager of Etsun Company told Anatolia News Agency that the actors in Iraq, with whom they traded, said that the limit was abolished.

    Meanwhile, State Minister Kursad Tuzmen said that they received that the normal system of money transfer in the Halil Ibrahim Border Gate (Iraqi counterpart of the Habur Border Gate of Turkey) was re-established. Tuzmen said, “The decision was already a wrong one. Because there is no banking system in Iraq to transfer money, our exporters had to bring what they earned to Turkey as cash. Preventing this means preventing trade with Iraq.”

    Prior to the limitation imposed by the Iraqi provisional authority tradesmen were jus declaring the amount of money they carried at the border gate.

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