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    Gul's Adversity for DISI Party Leader

    Hürriyet Haber
    10.02.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Following the statement made by Anastadiadis, the Greek Cypriot DISI Party leader before his arrival in Turkey that he had "expected a gesture of soldiers pulling out of Cyprus by Turkey", foreign minister Abdullah Gul was unsettled by such a statement and reacted in adversity.“Such rhetoric before coming to Turkey (On the invitation of ruling AKP) is very ugly. I shall tell him this personally on Thursday.” “The Turkish army is under the order of the government, it does not have a separate status. All decisions are political. Therefore, if the army is there, it is there because of the international agreements and the will of the Turkish Parliament." Anastadiadis claimed that the Turkish army had opposed the reformist steps taken by the government in Turkey. “It was the Greek Cypriots who pushed aside the Annan Plan which called for a pullout of Turkish troops from Cyprus,” Gul said, adding that, “Turkey will not recognize the Greek Cypriot section until a permanent settlement is found.”


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