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    Gul: We are in Cyprus Forever!

    Hürriyet Haber
    05.04.2004 - 10:52 | Son Güncelleme:

    Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said about the Annan Plan that will be placed into referenda on April 24 that: Turkey will maintain troops till the end in Cyprus, as the guarantor state.

    Sovereignty was not obtained but the sovereignty of Greek Cypriots was taken from them

    If we did not desert the table in Burgenstock, President Denktas contributed to that .

    If Greek Cypriot reject the Plan I will comfortably call on the world to recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

    Gul said that “Until now, Greek Cypriots have always been protected and supported. They will have disappointment when the support comes to an end.”


    In his way to attend o conference in Netherlands, Gul said that the final Annan Plan included big gains for Turkey and “Maybe it is not the first best for me. It has many parts that we wanted to improve. But is the current status quo in favor of Turks or the gains of the Annan Plan? One has to consider the cost of the status quo. “

    When he was reminded of the reserves of President Denktas about the issue of guarantorship, Gul said, “The strongest, soundest part of this Plan, is guarantorship” and that, this was also the view of military experts.

    On the likely campaign to be staged by Denktas against the Plan, Gul said that, “This is his democratic right. He was not in Switzerland but his closest adviser Ergun Olgun was there. He was informed of all developments there, until the last moment. He was also informed of tne proposal of Turks for properties. His approval was sought in written form and he gave it.”

    Gul added that, when Greek Cypriots proposed to the Turkish side to withdraw from the talks, they evaluated it together with Denktas and then notified the UN that they will remain at the table.

    Gul went on to say that “The Plan establishes a common state with two independent states; no side will exert any authority on the other; 45 thousand Turkish citizens in the island will be EU citizens; Important embassies and ministries will be shared between Turkish and Greek Cypriots; the Turkish side will enter important economic and political relations with any country.”



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