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    Gul: Dreams and Rhetoric!

    Hürriyet Haber
    08.02.2005 - 16:18 | Son Güncelleme:

    Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul stated at a press conference that all Iraqis including Turks, Arabs and Kurds should spend their efforts in re-gaining their country. "I call on all politicians in Iraq to leave their rhetoric's which serve nobody.

    Let everyone face Baghdad. The political process has gained impetus with the elections. The time has come to let everyone spend efforts to prepare a rich and happy Iraq for its own future."

    Gul also said that he wishes personally all Iraqi citizens live a "brotherly and prosperous" new life. "Iraqis should focus and spend all their energy on this."

    Asked to comment on the statement of KDP leader Mesud Barzani that an independent Kurdistan will be declared, Gul said, "This is the time for everyone to learn lessons. It is not the time to act on dreams and rhetoric. Behavior other than this will harm the Iraqi people and the region and there are so many lessons to be taken here that, there's no ignoring them. "

    Gul recalled at his press conference that Turkey had prevented numerous genocides in the region and was now spending efforts to ensure that Iraq lives peacefully within the territory and with its neighbors.



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