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    Greek Cypriot Leader: I Did Not Call Troops Pull Out

    Hürriyet Haber
    11.02.2005 - 10:43 | Son Güncelleme:

    ANKARA, Thursday - Nikis Anastadiadis, the leader of the Greek Cypriot Party (DISI) at a meeting with Foreign Minister Gul denied that he made a call to Turkey to "pull out its troops from Cyprus" following the foreign ministers comments that such remarks were "Ugly".

    “Let me sincerely tell you that I did not make such a statement. I only voiced the feelings and concerns of Greek Cypriots. But the journalist reported my words as if I made a call. This is not true.” Anastadiadis said after being reminded by journalists about his statement on the issue.

    In their meeting, Gul reminded Anastadiadis that it was the Greek Cypriot side which rejected the Annan Plan (April 2004) and that they had in turn effectively turned down the pull out of Turkish troops from the island.

    “Unless Turkish, Greek Cypriot and Greek politicians fulfill their duty, new generations will keep on experiencing the division. Turkey and Turkish Cypriots did all they could for a settlement before the April 24, referendum. You have to remind this to your leader Papadoplous who campaigned against the Annan Plan. The important thing from now on is an agreement between the North and the South for a settlement. We are ready to make all contributions.” Replied Gul to comments on the failed April 24, referendum

    In their meeting Anastadiadis stipulated a series of good will gestures that could be made by Turkey, including: the Return of Maras, removing identity controls between the borders, opening the Orthodox Churches in the north and to protect the Greek Cypriot properties left in the North. The Greek Cypriot dailies opinion is that the visit paid by a Greek politician after 40 years to Turkey, is part of a new diplomatic strategy.



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