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    Greece rocked by news of possible bird flu on Aegean island

    Hürriyet Haber
    18.10.2005 - 11:14 | Son Güncelleme:

    Officials in Greece have gone on the alert following the suspicious deaths of 10 turkeys on the small island of Inuses off of Chios Island, which lies directly across from the Turkish coastal city of Cesme. The bodies of the dead turkeys were sent to Athens, where health officials announced yesterday that one of them carried the H5 virus, though tests were as yet inconclusive as to whether or not the deadly H5N1 viral strain was present in the birds.

    Greek Agricululture Minister Evangelos Basiakos said that as a precaution, the farmer and his family on Inuses were under the close watch of local health authorities. Basiakos also noted that while currently the precautions taken were limited to banning exit from and entrance into the farm where the turkeys died, any conclusive evidence of the deadly bird flu strain could lead to a quarantine over not only all of Inuses Island, but also the larger Chios Island. Fear of bird flu in Greece has already led many in in the country to flock to pharmacies and hospitals in search of vaccinations and medicines, and it is thought that this latest revelation of dead turkeys on Inuses Island will only increase the panic.


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