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    Gila Benmayor: Dynamics In Middle East Can Be Changed With Turkey

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    07 Ekim 2003 - 00:00Son Güncelleme : 07 Ekim 2003 - 00:01

    “U.S. Ambassador Eric Steven Edelman was in Istanbul on Monday to attend the meal of Turco-American Business Council…He mentioned the bad administration, unemployment, and inferior education conditions in the Middle Eastern countries and said; Turkey will undertake an important role for the Middle East to integrate with the globalization process and change its dynamics.Edelman said that the role of Turkey would resemble to the role that was played by Germany between Eastern and Western Blocs during Cold War…What is his message to Turkish businessmen? He says that Turkey will become a center of attraction for foreign investors as her economy starts to come right. Edelman says; The opportunities that Turkey will provide to the foreign investors are limitless.”


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